Unit 10 – Brief 1: Rest in Pixels – Production

I don’t remember what I last posted about this project, it was probably suggesting that I was going to make a website. However I am not doing so anymore. Instead I am making an installation for two reasons. 1. I think that the screen is too restrictive and cannot fully show the scale and mass of tweets I want. 2. I just want to make something!

So I looked at the berg little printer but this was super complicated as you would need to make an app and so that you could then print, but one of my tutors explained to me how this could be done easily and she also had a project that involved this printer set up so we both worked on it today.

We initially started to see if we could connect the Arduino to the internet as this is important to be able to get live tweets. However uni’s ethernet connection is a bit off so it didn’t work. We then began to work on testing the printer and the set up to see if the thermo printer could receive the messages we were sending it.

There were some more issues, due to it being a thermo printer it needed a high amp so that there was enough power to keep the text consistently black as when there are more characters to print the marks made lose their intensity.

Eventually we managed to solve most of the issues and I have now purchased all of my own hardware ready to experiment further with typography and the general design of the tweets. It was a really interesting process and less scary than I imagined. I thought that programming you usually wrote it all from nothing, but there are a lot of great tutorials online where you can cut and paste bits from.

Websites I used:

GrepCode: twitter4j-core-2.2.5.jar – Java Project – Source Code
Twitter4J – A Java library for the Twitter API
UPDATED: Quick Tutorial – Processing & Twitter | blprnt.blg



Code & Experiments

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 09.17.21 Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 09.19.46

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