Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Idea Generation




Found it really hard to concentrate today, but maybe its due to me avoiding doing this project… However I did get somewhere. I’ve been mainly focusing on where the designed pieces of text will go. I’ve decided that I will make all 3 jams again and design them as a product which comes with a recipe sheet/booklet etc. I plan to “sell” them as a set. Each will be labelled relating to the difficulty of making.

Novice Strawberry Jam
Competent Raspberry Jam
Expert Blueberry Jam

I wanted to go down the line of it being more fun, like ‘Easy-Peasy’ Strawberry Jam… but after than there is not really a similar tone of description for things that are a bit hard, or really complicated. So i’ve stuck with just the names. The line “For the (insert difficulty) Jam Maker” might be used as a tagline or maybe go with the recipe text… and the jams are just simple.

Tomorrow I will defiantly have to start designing!




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