Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Packaging Development

Today I wanted to do a load of things, however procrastination took the better of me so I didn’t get as much done as I hoped. I avoided designing the actual recipes (AGAIN) and focused on the how the recipes would sit in relation to jam – Labels, Tags, Booklets etc. I thought that knowing the size I was restricted too would help me design, as I would have constraints.

I decided on creating packaging that would also house the recipe. Killing two birds with one stone. I made some paper mock ups just to find a scale, but I still need to get some jam jars, as these will determine the size of the sleeve.

I want the front of the sleeve to signify which jam would be easy, medium and hard to make, but at the same time I feel that it looks a bit under designed with just using colour… perhaps its because this is food packaging, which is usually full of illustrations and over the top. I also tried explaining what/who the jam recipe was for. I am quite drawn to the typographic sleeve, so I will push this further. I think this one connects well with what I am trying to say about the recipe and how hard it is to make, rather than the jam its self.


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