Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Research: More Than Decoration

Wine labels based on the longitudes of Italy and it’s famous wine regions. Depending on the degrees north, the wine region was associated with a numerical logo and topographic map.

Design by Rob Schellenberg  See Site HERE

I think this is a really interesting label for buyers who are concerned with where their wine comes from. The visual are interesting and would stand out from other bottles.

Cugar Wine
Interesting visual. The bars seem very similar to bar charts, however in this case I don’t believe they represent anything other than decoration. This concept would work better if the lines varied due to some kind of information, this would then also distinguish each bottle from each other.

“This bottle was designed to honor Agapito Rico, an important figure in the DO of Jumilla Spain. He was a pioneer in achieving quality wines in this region. The grape that is grown in this land is the Monastrell, a strong flavored grape suitable for arid areas. Agapito is an expert in cultivating wine and the purity expressed by the bottle echoes his quality as a wine maker.”

By Eduardo del Fraile HERE

A very literal bottle, however this doesn’t really make me want to drink it, but perhaps that isn’t the main point. It is an interesting visual statement as well as choice of material. Soil is very important when it comes to getting a good grape.

Casa Mariol wine collection

Casa Mariol names its wines by their variety and age. It uses some elements of home graphics and replaces the poetry of the ‘entendeur’ by consumption information. A language just like the one we use at home: plain, spontaneous and honest.

Design by Bendita Gloria HERE

Personally I hate the style as it is very fashion based. However it does lean towards purpose such as the consumption information. Obviously simple bar charts are not the best way to visualise taste, but they do make the audience aware that the design is trying to communicate information rather than a perception.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 15.54.33

d.studio sites HERE

I think this is an amazing label! It is very clever, using the shape of the wine bottle to represent a persons body, the image illustrates a torso, one more plump than the other. Full bodied / Fruity – common wine terminology.

“The idea was to create the wine for those, who love wine, but every time the person goes to the shop, doesn’t know which to choose. On the pack you can find the best suitable case for drinking it, the best temperature, which food best suits etc.”

Diana Gibadulina Portfolio HERE

Very similar to my own reason for the project. Interesting way of displaying the most key pieces of information. Good take on when the wine is for; Party, Picnic etc.

Full Blog post HERE

The vintners at Australian winery Between Five Bells, have a very unique take on how to market a wine, giving buyers much more than simply a finely aged beverage. One thing that makes them stand out is their adherence to a policy of “transparency in winemaking;” meaning they share much of the recipe and growing conditions of their wine.

Between Five Bells used the skills of designer Nicholas Felton to create an information rich label using data processing. Colorful and attractive, the design concisely displays lowest and highest growing temperatures, pH, baume, percentage de-stemmed, whole berry percentage and days of pre and post ferment maceration for each of the blended varietals. It’s a tasty mouthful of information, displayed clearly. Find out more, or order a bottle at betweenfivebells.com.au.

This label is obviously one of the finest pieces of information design when it comes to wine as it takes the complex data and process of wine making and transforms it into a beautiful info graphic. I like the idea that the wine makes are trying to make the whole process transparent, as from what I have read many wine companies like to add various wines together when bottling…

Wine that Loves – HERE

The Amazing Food Wine Company offered a unique concept to the American wine audience by creating a line of wines designed specifically to pair with foods regularly prepared and enjoyed at home. This new line of wines was intended to simplify the wine experience and increase wine consumption in the US market.

This is also another great piece of design. Really simple and straight to the point! Some people only drink wine with food, therefor it would take a life time to try find a new wine in a supermarket, turning every bottle round to see what is supposed to go with. From looking at wine labels so far the most successful designs are the ones that focus on one type of customer. E.g The shopper who is concerned with pairing wine & food. This focus allows for a strong visual to be created. You can’t design for everyone!

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