Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Research: Morrisons Own Brand Wine

From the articles I have been reading it seems that Morrisons seems to be at the bottom when it comes to own brand wine, when comparing supermarkets. However their choice of redesign is great, and exactly the angle at which I am approaching this problem.

Signature Style Wine Label Design

Morrisons wanted to launch a new consumer-friendly brand that could educate consumers in the world of wine without being patronising. We were approached to design this range of 16 products, spanning both 75cl bottles and 3L BIBs. We wanted to make wine fun for novice drinkers and design a range to stand out from the crowd.

By Barlow Doherty Creative HERE

I feel that Morrisons has picked the right audience. I feel that there is a lot of snobbery when it comes to wine, as in ‘You don’t know about wine!?’ kind of attitude. I feel that my aims are towards helping people. I know that if I was in a supermarket I would like the bottles to literally tell me what they are like, this then would encourage me to try more wines. This benefits the supermarket as they can then sell more.

In terms of the design I think using different colours works well, I can imagine that the green wine label means that it is a fresh, perhaps grassy taste. However I am not really fond of the illustrations as these can be misleading. Is it a lemon? Is it a Lime? etc. Perhaps its generic and just means zesty? Obviously its impossible to specify so much, but perhaps this is where just type is better and the meaning is much more transparent.

Barlow Doherty Approach

What sells a bottle of wine? It’s a combination of many factors, creating one complex, compelling proposition. Perception.

The consumer usually can’t touch or taste a wine until money has changed hands. So, selling wine is about selling the perception of what’s in the bottle. Everything counts – the bottle, the capsule, the collar, the label, the name, the back label, the price, the country of origin, the region, the varietal, the vintage, even where it is on the shelf or in the wine list.

However, there is no one perception. Multiply everything that influences perception by the consumer requirements and you have what we believe is the world’s toughest marketing challenge:
selling an infinitely diverse product to an infinitely diversified market.

Wine Labels

Our starting point with wine label design is never the wine, always the audience. Who do you want to buy it, what are their buying desires, and how can we match them?

This leads me then on to my audience needs. What do they want from a wine label. As my audience will be people like me, I shall use my own perspective/experience;

– I want to find a bottle of wine that clearly tells me what the wine will taste like. Flavour as well as sweetness!
– I am not worried if the wine is fashionable.
– I am not concerned about the country of origin, the price, or number of units/%
– I want to know the name of the wine, the kind of grape.
– I want to know if it is a food wine, a social wine, or lets get drunk wine.

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