Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Research: Wine Tasting


So I gathered the wines I purchased yesterday to taste them and see how close they connected to their descriptions. All I have really found is that trying to describe a very subtle taste in words is ridiculously hard!

I printed a sheet off the internet that I used to write down the names, colour, smell, taste, drinkability as well as likability. Writing down the colour was pretty difficult too as they are all pretty transparent, some have a more yellow tinge than others.

I used words such as acidic, tangy, sweet, full flavour, flowery, fruity and tropical to describe the flavour, but I think with white wines they are quite subtle in flavour. From this test I think that wine company’s must try really hard when choosing the wording, because it is really hard to describe when thinking about it. I also think that many white wines are to accompany food, this way if you was eating say crab, the flavour would not be over powered by wine.

Then next step would most likely be to see and tally up the words used by the wine labels, perhaps this would be a better way of comparing, as I already have the information to hand.


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