Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Wine Primary Research


I started with a mind map as I wanted to try and see everything that could contribute to wine and its labelling. I felt that the design aspect was really important as a designer I feel that the work you produce should be honest and authentic. Especially when it comes to wine and users have to trust what is being told or visualised to them. Coaxing someone in using beautiful visuals when the product is actually horrible, I believe to be wrong. I think that the first step is to remove all the design parts from the label. Just have the basic information, basically format all the labels. This way I can see what information is relevant, and which isn’t.

After creating a mind map I went to the local supermarket and tried to get a variation of white wines which ranged in sweetness as well as the way they were described. Such as good with food or fine to drink on its own. I also found that Morrisons has also rebranded their own wine, which I think are great. They draw you in straight away with their vibrant colours as well as with the bold illustrations. The illustrations actually depict the flavours which are said to be tasted in the wine, also I think the colour choices for each wine work well. However I do still find that the language is still not a straightforward as it ought to be. I understand the term fresh, but lively? This term is a bit too broad when describing a taste, it can be interpreted too many different ways. Obviously taste is personal and subjective, but I think it could be a better choice of words.

Now that I have bought some wine I will do some taste tests with others to try and see if there are better words to describe the taste or whether I am wrong, and in fact these words do describe the flavours.

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