Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Ideas

Just over one week has passed since I started this project and I have wasted far to much time on other things as well as spending time on other projects. But I have forced myself just to focus on my current one and worry about the rest in the week I have to sort my portfolio out.

So I was doing tonnes of research and not really getting any where so basically stopped doing my sort of beneficial procrastination and just jumped in to doing sketches and testing out the info graphic idea – which wasn’t mine.

I pushed a lot with this info graphic and looked at various books such as data flow 1 & 2 etc. But I think I found the real issue.

I don’t have any data.

Yup. Words are data but not enough to make an info graphic. So I went to my crit with my experiments and explained that this did not work. For some reason the response was disagreeing with my snub of the info graphic. Maybe I didn’t explain clearly enough.

I and not doing an info graphic and I feel that is being dishonest to the proper use and need of info graphics. Infographics are used to explain complex data in a visual way. I do not have complex data so what I am doing is then using the visual aesthetic of a info graphic is hide my mistake… or try to make something look cool.

I am not that designer. I am not going to do that.

So I have moved on as I feel that I have a better visual response.

When thinking about this project I had a few possible solutions 1. Infographic. 2. Using materials to communicate. 3. Form / Statement / Sheet.

Now I have gone back to the form idea. I am very much a no nonsense person. I think this is why I have a problem with wine labels as they are not transparent. Their real meaning or content hides behind a lavish illustration and gold calligraphy letters. I like to know what i’m getting.

So I have a look in my favourite book – The Form Book by Borries Schwesigner, and found a paragraph that explains what I am looking for;

“The aim of this type of form is to send a message in which the content has been unified, making it easier to produce and to read.”

I started doing some other research too. I found a fantastic redesign of a birth certificate ( there is some information that I think is pointless as well as the icons but thats another blog post altogether.)

It was done by design studio IWANT. I like that there it is bold and systemises information. Easy to read as well as interesting to look at.


I have now actually started designing my own icons and layouts. I first gathered my information (all the details that would be on each of the wine labels) and put the information into a hierarchy. Its has been beneficial to actual get started instead of thinking about what to do, just doing it and seeing what works is really the best way to go about it.

So today I have spent a good 8 hrs doing college work and I timed myself as I feel that forces me to actually be productive rather than getting side tracked every 15 minutes.

Just need to keep this level of productivity up.

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