Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Feedback & Realisation

Today I went to my final third year crit about my last every project within this building, but there was no time to be sentimental about it. I have now received some great feedback on my work.

Feedback I was given before I misunderstood, I thought that I was being suggested to go into a new direction and leave what I was doing behind, however this wasn’t the case… just a bit of miscommunication.

Overall I feel there is an issue with my work and how I connect with it. I have very bold views about design and what is good/bad but I don’t really show this… as they say actions speak louder than words. I am currently all talk and no action.

As I am always told, I need to work outside my comfort zone and push the ‘boundaries of design’ but only now it has slotted into place. I now understand what is being said. If I have strong and opinionated views about design the best way to prove what I am saying and be taken seriously with my points, I have to do it through design.

Currently my work is sitting on the fence. I am doing a bit of what I believe. ( for example of the wine labels, I am looking at taste, but still hoovering around the aspects of user friendly etc .) I need to jump straight in and experiment and push to the extremities of design and use my issues (with labels and there conventional design) as the starting point, and to say : Look I believe design should be like this.

If the design is as bold as my opinions then that would be a pretty massive step, and realisation I have had in the final week of my degree. I believe that this has all just slotted into place due to feeling that I had nailed this project but other people did not believe in it, therefore I have had to fight my corner. By defending my work I have managed to figure out what I feel about design and what I should do to prove everyone wrong.


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