Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 2 – Invisible/Visible

Yesterday I came up with the idea of using the cork to place information on. It would be that the user would purchase the bottle of wine purely on the description of the taste, then once they had got to the drinking stage they could find out what wine it actually was. However its actually really difficult to print on to cork, plus could ink have implications with the wine?

Anymore I have moved on and was looking at other ways I could have information there and it would/could be revealed at a later time.The Tanaka is a great example, this would well with the red wine as it would be quite straight forward, but it instantly gets harder with the rose and white wine, trying to colour match so that the text was invisible when the bottle was full… pretty much impossible in my current technical state.

I’ve also been trying to decide on what colour wine bottle, so far I have green as white text would stand out clearly against the bottle, but I would also like to see the colour of the wine… so I will test out both. I will also test out white and black text. Really the white I will have to do photoshop test as obviously I can’t print white text.

While googling ways to to have hidden text then reveal, I made an amazing discovery. A company that does Blind Taste testing using the metal cap to hide text. AMAZING! So I plan to use this idea with my own wines, I think that its a clever idea that links well. You buy the wine on taste, then go to drink it, and discover more about it, so in future you know whether to buy this again or not.

Now I just need to finalise my design, get it send to the printers and do some more tests myself. Finally all coming together.


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