After the work has been handed in…

It is now a week after hand in! Therefore it is not long until the degree show.
In the week just gone I spent a lot of time trying to do nothing as I’ve been pretty exhausted from being at college until late.

I am quite content with my portfolio (which I can’t get back due to the examiners wanting to have a nose through it…) I feel that I have got a good range of projects that show I am not just a one trick pony, but shows that I can apply myself to all aspects of design.

While creating a portfolio, we had to also write a design statement. In this statement we had to condense our thoughts, opinions and principles as a designer, by writing this statement I can now clearly explain who I am and what I am about. Honestly I think it’s the best thing I have ever written.

Design Statement

“Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.” – Adolf Loos

My work questions functionality and uses design to provoke and intrigue. My aim is to use design as a means of investigation as to whether graphic design can be based fully on purpose and reasoning rather than aesthetic values and trends. Consequently I am interested in the idea that “Form follows function”– Louis Sullivan. This idea of functionality has played a major role in understanding and developing my priorities as a graphic designer.

A functional approach has allowed me to reflect and situate my practice within information design. From this position my work explores the boundaries of information design and can cross over into other traditional disciplines. Therefore I am a multidisciplinary designer.

By borrowing aspects of information design, in particular treating content as data, it enables me to understand the complexity of information design and how it is more than information graphics. This was reiterated through experimentation within Rest in Pixels and Jam Project.

Using the form follows function rational I attempted to produce design that is authentic and clear. This concept was explored via my UAL Rebrand project. Clarity in design is important, as design should not be based on style or decoration that detracts from content. This approach was scrutinised at length within the Wine Label brief. The use of decoration within graphic design can render it superficial rather than a valuable practice.

Along with function, purpose is key within my projects. Without the aspect of purpose a project lacks its depth and relevance. This was experimented thoroughly within the Hate/Love project.

By having this piece of writing I think it will help others understand my values as well as understand the kind of work I produce.

There is only 4 weeks today until our degree show, meaning that I really need to crack on with what I plan to display. I feel that my wine project was most successful, plus it was the project I enjoyed the most (a coincidence I think not…) I’m not sure how to expand on it though. Perhaps I shouldn’t or maybe I could develop it more as a brand?

Also I have been looking at junior designer jobs. VERY VERY SCARY. I just need to find some self confidence somewhere and then I’m sure I will be fine. I have the ability but lack some confidence…

So I guess I will continue to blog right up to my degree show… perhaps continue afterwards as a documentation of my job searching.


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