Degree Show, Results & Internships



The degree show is nearly over. It ends tonight and tomorrow is when we have to take down our work. It has absolutely flown by.

The set up with stressful as there were a lot of miscommunication, lack of people helping and general disorganisation. However the Private View was fantastic, a ridiculous amount of people where there as I spoke to a lot of people who all liked the simplicity of my work. One comment was that it was a bold thing to do by having the piece so simple. However this is the only project where I have done these, but it has been beneficial to know that being bold has positive consequences. I did get one guy who wasn’t so positive about my work. He integrated the way I explained my project as well as the items I chose to brand. Eventually found of the guy is a film maker so I will take this ‘advice’ with a massive lump of salt.

Yesterday was the dreaded day of picking up our results. I received a B for dissertation and a B- for my studio work. Ultimately adding to a weak 2:1. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty gutted that I got a B- for my studio work as during the midpoint assessment I received B’s for things like technical competence, but in my final assessment that went down to a C. While thinking about the whole thing, I knew my work didn’t 100% fit the marking criteria, but I did work my hardest and this is something the marking criteria misses. No university grades you on how hard you worked or the effort you have put it, hopefully that reflects in your work, but sadly for me it hasn’t.

Feedback with my results;

Your engagement with the projects is outstanding and the rigour in your analysis and the critical thinking behind your solutions a real strength. Your no non-sense approach teeming throughout the work is a healthy one that we encourage you to continue developing as a strategy; However beware of it hindering you from exploring avenues that might not immediately show promising results. Suggest giving yourself some space to do things for the sake of it, simply to see new approaches and possibilities.

I feel like the points made are fair – such as doing things for the sake of it. As yeah most of the time I am too ridge in my approach and I won’t try something unless I know it will have some clear benefit before hand.

Pushing aside this, I know that my un-gradable skills will help me in the work place. Being organised, focused and hard working does amount to something when working with a group of people. It would all be well and good that you may have a 1st and have lovely ideas, but it’s no good if you don’t have the focus on self management to get shit done.

Now, after the doom and gloom of results. I have fantastic news that makes me go HAHAHA in the face of the marking systems. My blog has enabled me to become head hunted for a 3 month paid internship at SAS London (lovely website here) I received a email a few fridays ago about going in for a chat with my portfolio. I had the interview and an hour later I was offered a place. This for me, is wonderful. I really can’t wait to start and put into practice what I have learned as well as what I can learn for experienced designers.

I plan to keep my blog going about the internship. It will be probably vague about the projects due to confidentiality but I think its key to get out there what an intern does and what the experience can be like.


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