Teaching assistant & LCC Makers Faire

Today is the end of a busy week!
I have been helping out all week at college, taking part in the CSM choices course which aims to introduce college students to graphic design. They are usually BTEC students and have studied for two years, during this week we encourage them to apply to our foundation course or the BA degree.

We started out by discussing graphic design and what it meant to them. From there we read and talked about an essay. It was really interesting to hear their thoughts on what design is. The questions were difficult, for example – what does graphic design look like?
I can barely answer this question now, let alone trying before studying the course.

There was also a week long project. The brief was message to society. I have done the brief myself this year, and I struggled with it intensely. So actually it was good that I had already done it as some students were getting stuck and worrying about the same issues I was – nothing important to say, felt like it had to be a campaign or a significant ground braking statement.
I can now see that when I did the brief I took it far to seriously. Perhaps this was for the entire year, apart from the last brief where I started to do more of just what I wanted.

During this week it has also made me realise what an absolutely incredible job tutors do. After each day I was literally mentally exhausted, trying to help 20 people, feels like trying to do 20 briefs in one day. Until you have done this, it’s hard to understand the amount of effort tutors put in. It’s not just luck to be or have a good tutor, its because they put the effort in. They are there, fully engaged and there to inspire you. Also I think it takes a great amount of skill to know who needs help and when. I think perhaps I interrupted people too much, when I should of let them just get on wi what they were doing.

By the end of the week, the exhibition was fantastic and they should all be really proud of themselves. I feel lucky to meet such lovely people and really hope many of them go on to study graphic design.


Also this week, in the evenings I have been working on some materials for London’s first mini makers Faire LCC at elephant and castle. This event was yesterday, it was good to see it all together. I helped out with the map and signage as well as some timetables in projectors. Unluckily I didn’t get to make my own maker badge during the soldering workshop as it was soooo busy but that’s also great that it was so full!

Now that this weeks over, it’s time to start something new next week – THE INTERNSHIP! Really excited to see what I learn.






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