Week 1 of Internship

Last Monday I started my first ever internship at SAS London.
It was an amazing week. The first day consisted of meeting everyone in the office, getting used to where things were, as well as starting layouts for a PDF.

Tuesday I started something new as I was waiting for client content. I was helping Andy I’m the office search for music to accompany a case study. It was a interesting process as it allowed end me to see the effort the design agencies put into their own website as well as their clients. I also helped Louie take some photos for a case study. I was taken to lunch at one of the local pubs, which was great as I got to meet the design team a bit more. In the afternoon I sat in a discussion about one of the projects as well as added some of my own thoughts.

Wednesday was another photography day, I’ve done an A Level in the subject, but trying to get the picture at the right exposure on a sunny day seemed impossible! After I managed to get some decent shots for Michelle’s case study I then went back to working in the PDF briefly before heading off out to the BT Tower to do some filming with Andy & Pete for a case study. It was absolutely amazing and I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to join them, the views were amazing and the filming looked great. After this we popped to the local pub, which was also just in sight of the new office space.
Thursday I spent all day with Louie working in the PDF as we had received all of the content from the client. It was good to get stuck into designing, as I had to use style sheets (thank god I learnt about them before finishing my degree!), I also learnt a lot of new tricks in indesign. The finish off the day, the wonderful people at SAS had arranged for a wine tasting session with the philosophy that to be a good creative you have to experience things. It was a great experience, a shame I didn’t get to do this before my wine project at uni.

Friday was a nice end to the week as the PDF was finished ready for the artworker, and there was ‘tools down’ & introductory tea which included beers!

It’s been a really good experience so far. Looking forward to learning more as well as adding to the team!


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