Week 2 of Internship (& graduation)

So it’s all over, officially.
Graduation was on Wednesday, was an absolutely sweltering day, but good none the less. The speeches were great, even welled up a little at the video they played. I will miss the building so much, as well as the routine of going to a building I knew, seeing all my friends and working on my projects.

But it’s no time to dwell in the past. The week just gone has been another good one, helping with the case studies, doing some photography and learning new skills such as masking images and the purpose of it!
The case studies are looking great and its amazing how much work goes into them. When looking at other studios work it is clear that many just post static images of the work at the typical 45 degree angle. It is vital that the case studies are engaging! By using animation and film it allows the project to come to life and to be put into context, and ultimately become more believable.
During last week I also went to a leaving party. It was absolutely fantastic. The staff really put a lot of their own time and effort into making sure its the best night the leaver has had. A lot of this involved hilarious videos created by the dev team. The things you can do with a green screen are amazing. There is a really great social atmosphere which I’m so lucky to have found myself in.

As ever, looking forward to my new week! Onwards & upwards!


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