Burger Is BACK!

Last week I went to the AGI conference, it was great to see such great speakers such as Margret Calvert and Chip Kidd. Even though it was great it really made me question myself about design and my stand point on it. The discussion about form vs function came up and usually I find myself very confident about my stand point.

I felt that Sean Perkins pitch for minimalism struck a cord with me. I literally said to myself ‘yes! This is what I think, this is the kind of design I want to do!’ However counter arguments by Stefan Sagmeister came against Perkins, and then I suddenly felt that connection lost. This is where my panic set in, what if I’m wrong, what if what I think about design isn’t really valid, what if it is all just based on Bauhaus ideals and this has no relevance to today.

After semi-drunken conversation with some of my colleges I have found out two things – 1. I worry to much. I worry about what I think, I worry what other people think, I worry about whats right, I worry about whats wrong. And really I don’t have anything to worry about. This worry is what stresses me out and prevents me from doing. 2. I am a ‘spoilt brat’ (HAHA) which is true, I for some reason or either feel like people should feel bad for me and make me feel better when things aren’t going my way. That isn’t going to happen and the sooner I realise that the better. I have to grow a pair and deal with any feedback I am given.

So the sooner I accept these things, the better.

To try and accept this, and basically get over myself I bought a book called ‘F**k it therapy’ and so far its really good, yeah it is a self help book, but I think anything that helps me from sabotaging myself and my career is a good investment.

So in the attempt to put the ‘F**k it’ theory into action I’ve decided to do a self initiated project that I cannot possibly do minimalisticly (is that even a word? F**k it doesn’t matter) or in black and white.

I have a love for fry ups.
I like going to rubbish cafes.
I like the type, the colours, the designs.

At the weekend I mentioned that the cafes round my way pretty much suck. None of them are quite right. E.g they are not solely breakfast places therefore the food isn’t good quality. I know I like rubbish cafes but there can be a god standard of greasy spoon. I went on to say I would like to open up my own cafe, celebrating the English Breakfast where you guarantee a good sausage!

So the long and short of it is…(The brief) To create a brand that will pay homage to the traditional cheap greasy spoon menu while communicating the quality of the food.
This will involve all kinds of media such a website, blog, menus, signage, recipes, uniform etc. Should be a fun project to do. I think it will allow me to experiment with the balance of minimalism while keeping the humanistic element. Also is designing with elements of *bad* design classed as styling or unauthentic?



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