Monthly Archives: November 2013

Wednesday I went back to Central saint martins to work as a student ambassador. This involves taking part in workshops and courses to help students who aren’t already on the course, decide or at lest show them what we are about.

Wednesday’s students, all bar two, I worked with in July so it was great to see them again. One student mentioned that they missed the building and that they were excited to start the workshops. Comments like that are great, they are exactly the kinds of things we want to hear.

My task was to help them set up a blog and write their first post. It’s interesting to see how they approach the writing part, some decided to post a picture, some were scared of the blank page and others just jumped straight in.

I really made an effort to reassure each one that anything you do isn’t wrong. Anything written on a blog is okay and that if you don’t have much to say that is ok too.

Just from that one session I found it really rewarding, helping and making the feel ok about what they are doing is great. Also I was being asked about my experiences on the course as well as in my internship. It’s great that they remember me from the summer and the discussions about my impending internship.

I am really looking forward to seeing the work they produce as well as the progress they will make, I am also looking forward to being a part of that and helping them as much as I can. By being a very recent graduate I have first hand experience of the kind of work that’s being produced in csm as well as the problems I struggled with (fear if doing design wrong, not making enough work, etc) but also things that are beneficial such as setting up a blog etc.

The next step for me will be to find out more about being a tutor and looking at how to make that transition from being a student. I am aware that there are programmes run by UAL and I think it would be great for me, as I enjoy being involved with this kind of work. Also it’s a good idea not to put all my eggs in one basket, working as a part time tutor and in a studio would be great, best of both worlds.