Putting my knitting down and picking up some extra arms

After 9 wonderful months I have left the LoveKnitting team and ventured back into the studio world. To welcome me back in is a studio called Eight Arms.

Over the last 9 Months I have had a lot of fun, learnt a hell of a lot about knitting, met some truly interesting people, as well as worked on a lengthy digital project – seeing it through from wireframes to launch.

After my internship I had the plan of relaxing over Christmas then I would decide what direction I should take. This all changed when I was approached by Loveknitting as, I jumped right into a freelance role. I never intended to work freelance, nor did I attend to work in-house. I couldn’t say no due to being a knitting fanatic! This was a scary (due to being out of university 6 months) yet fantastic opportunity and meant I would get experience in a totally new design situation.

I really enjoyed working at LoveKnitting and making the decision to move from a comfortable 10-6pm, well paid, in-house position may seem odd to some, but I was ready to feel uncomfortable – ready for a challenge.

I’ve finally become comfortable with being uncomfortable – new projects, new people, new clients, and the expectations of me. I’m now accepting to the fact that it’s okay to feel unsure about starting a new project. Instead of letting this uncertainty cripple me like it did many a time at university, I embrace it.

Uncertainty has become possibility.

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