A New Year, A New Skill

Today I was very fortunate to go on a one day course of sign writing. This was a great Christmas gift from my sister and boyfriend, and probably the best gift I will ever receive!

The class can be a two or one day event and is run by a great guy called Nick (you can find all the information here http://www.nickgarrettsignwriter.com)

We started off by understanding about sign writing, things to consider when spec’ing up a job, also things to battle with – the British weather!

We then jumped straight into tracing various letters and also practiced a few free hand letters, I went for Gill sans 3. By the fifth repetition I think I nailed it.

We chalked up our letters onto the wall and then began painting, it was really fun, but intense, I think I concentrated so hard I gave myself a headache! That or it was the fumes of the enamel / white spirit!

Now I have had this taster session I really would love to do another class in a few months time after I have had time to practice more and develop my technique.

If you have any interest in type, letters, painting in general I can’t recommend this course enough!

2015/01/img_1437.jpg By Ron, a professional sign painter

2015/01/img_1441.jpg My letters!

2015/01/img_1439.jpgNick’s wonderful ‘O’





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