New Year, New Skill – This time, Calligraphy!


Above: Sandra’s work at Penpushers

Last year I had signed myself up to a 1 to 1 intensive course of calligraphy. I’ve recently become more aware of lettering and how you can make absolutely stunning work with traditional techniques — so naturally I turned to calligraphy first as I felt it was the best place to start when trying to understand hand lettering.

On Saturday I ventured North (well of Essex anyway) and visit Sandra at Pen Pushers in Epping. I met Sandra previously at Hobby Craft in Romford, I was totally unaware that Hobby Craft had in-store lessons such as Calligraphy. Due to working full time I just couldn’t get to the classes on a weekday evening so decided to just book a one day intensive lesson.

Sandra has a spacious studio and instantly makes you feel at home! We started the lesson at 10am and began with the basics and the general rules of calligraphy.

After I completed the day lesson I can honestly say that I feel so much more confident. I feel that now I can go off on my own and practice as I now know the technique as well as what I should be aiming for. You literally can’t beat having someone there who has a wealth of experience to sit down with you and go through the work with you. Watching youtube videos are all well and good but you can’t get the live feedback and encouragement.

I would recommend Sandra’s workshop fully! You can find out more information here at or head over to the facebook page Here



Above are my letters produced on the day – Caps are so much harder than lower case! Also my sunday practice sheets below!

IMG-20150118-WA0005IMG-20150118-WA0007  Also found this fab calligraphy beginners set in the charity shop! Brand new!



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