Knowledge Is Beautiful

Last night I went to D&AD’s second home to hear David McCandless talk about his latest book, Knowledge is Beautiful.

Information design is getting bigger, and so is David McCandless in the design world. While at university nearly everyone I knew had a copy of Information is Beautiful, so I was excited to see tickets pop up for his latest talk.

The talk took place in D&AD’s second home, with a really good turn out. David spoke briefly about his work and focused on the strange, funny and interesting relationships that would appear in the data he investigated. As David explained, information design allows us to make numbers and data relatable.

‘Information is Beautiful’ was a great book when it first arrived on designers bookshelves — seeing data as fun and shown in a visually stimulating way wasn’t as prominent as it is today. It’s great to see that information design has developed, and I think David does this well with ‘Knowledge is Beautiful‘ as he has looked at data in comprehensive way, in more detail and placed it in context. Naturally this deeper investigation of data allows us to understand information and gain knowledge from the facts rather than assumptions.



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