Mediums & Messages

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 14.

Our final intervention. We decided to go sort of opposite in the direction that we had been during the previous intervention. We thought that it would be interesting to see what people would write on Facebook if it was totally private and not even their friends could see what they had wrote.

We created a box that people could post there status’s in that would be private. We left a box, some blanks status’s and a pen. When we visited the box the next day it was really full. However someone knicked the pen…

We did open up the box to see what people felt the need to write a status about. Some were silly but generally they were quite interesting.

Final Crit/Presentation.

We selected images from all the interventions we done as we felt for the crit that we needed some printed work to show, to make it easier for people to comment on all 14 interventions.

**spelt security wrong – rushed it!**

We created this book at in the computer suite at uni first of all, saved it. Then realised that you can’t open CS5.5 files in CS5. Therefor we had to do it again, Thats why it looks rushed and includes spelling mistakes.

During the crit we received reasonable feedback. None of the comments were particularly bad. Most people wrote about which piece they favoured which suggests that in this project that there had to be multiple outcomes as you can’t please everyone so more than one outcome is needed.

On reflection of the entire project I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed creating a high turn over of work in a short amount of time, it really helped me push myself as I had no choice but to create work as if I never then I couldn’t progress. I also liked working in a group, it is really beneficial to have someone to bounce ideas off of. I do feel though that I have had enough of this project and do not with to currently push it any further. Perhaps sometime in the future I may revisit it and work on some of the feedback given.


Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 12.

After the photo album intervention we looked into the newish feature on Facebook which is its “check-in” or “places”. We spoke about where people check in and it seems a lot of people check in, in really stupid places. For example I’ve seen people check in at their boyfriends house, or their own house, even in bed! These are really ridiculous places to let people know where you are.

We put our check in symbols in various ridiculous areas to try and encourage people to think that the area they are placed are stupid therefor causing them to make better choices when they check in some where.

We found that people did take notice of them and it was the most unusual ones that were noticed e.g the traffic lights. All of the check in points are still in their original locations, perhaps people may think that they are connected with the mobile app?


Intervention 13.

The idea of what people would write on Facebook if it was actually public and they writers were more consciously aware that people were around them and could potentially read what they had wrote.

We put up 3 posters which were screen shots of a Facebook profile that was completely blank so that people could add whatever they wished to it.

One was placed in the canteen, in the lift and one in the toilets. We chose different locations as we wanted to get a range of responses.

Reflection; We could of used better material to stick up these posters and they kept falling down e.g the lift was a pain!

Some people did write on them, but perhaps where they were located wasn’t really in a convenient palce for the user. As if your in a lift, who has a pen just in there pocket ( I assumed everyone at my uni would considering its an art & design uni… )  After coming back to uni the next day the lift poster had gone but the other two remain up still.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 10.

After looking at Facebook photos and status’s we chose to look at wall posts, quite a neglected piece of Facebook but its main purpose. We still we looking at bring the digital into reality. A wall post is more social than a status as it is a direct message to some one in particular; like a letter, however its just public for everyone to see.

 We decided to bring the wall posts into public and write them on an actual wall. The post says “OMG! FB’s privacy settings have changed again! Scary! LOL!” We wanted to put out the message of Facebook’s privacy settings as well as it seeming like something someone would actually post.

Reflection; Maybe we could of used a different colour wall, one that the chalk would show up on. Its abit like a poster, no one really notices it. Its just saying something not really calling the reader to do anything. Perhaps it could work better as a series?

Intervention 11.

Continuing the theme of Facebook in reality we wanted to look at photos and the albums that people put up on Facebook. We got the idea from this video on YouTube –

This brought up question about what did people do with photographs they took before? Just put them in an album for no one to see?

We left this piece in the Uni’s canteen on a table as we felt that photo albums could been seen as piece of coffee table wear. We did revisit it later on but it just looked as thought it had been “tidied away” so it may have been looked at.

We also went back the day after, the corners looked a bit more used, but its hard to tell if anyone has interacted with something if your not there to witness it.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 8.

This next piece after the crit we looked at juxtaposing the information that was already given. We also decided to refrain from being to broad in the subject and focused down a bit more. e.g Facebook features people use most.

Pictures are perhaps the main purpose of Facebook. I would not stay people would use flickr as a social media site to post their holiday or party pictures. The images that people post online are either holiday snaps, partying/clubbing, or there profile pictures of themselves.

We tried various pictures in difference areas. Most of the time we tried to put the images in places that would juxtapose the meaning of the images, however on the image above I wouldn’t really say it was a juxtaposition due to the image being placed outside an ambulance station. Perhaps its more ironic as the image is of a person smoking drugs.

After reflection on these images we felt that the images could of been bigger. Some people looked at the images but this could of been due to us standing there taking photographs. Also we felt that it maybe difficult for people to understand, maybe not clear enough on our meaning.

Intervention 9.

This intervention was the next step from images, by looking at status’s people post on Facebook and how they are truly pointless. A lot of the time the status is either boasting or bragging about the poster in an attempt to grab others attention. However there are some status’s that differ from this but mostly these are where people post every though that comes into their head.

We looked at the pointless status’s such as “Watching tv. lol.” people do write these things. We felt that if we took them out of Facebook and into the real world then people may understand how silly these posts are.

 Reflection; people did interact with these, the best one was outside the house (see above) also one we placed at a bus stop. People genuinely wanted to read what was said. We could of created even more, in more locations, however the one we placed at the pub never worked. Perhaps due to it not being on the front of the pub so if we moved it to under the pubs name or on the front doors perhaps it would of worked better.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 7.

With this intervention we wanted to make Facebook more physical as well as making the piece more obviously connected with Facebook. We also wanted to connect the private/lock that we used in previous interventions. This intervention seemed a lot harder to come up with ideas for, this may have been due it being the last one before the interim crit.

We decided that how we see Facebook and its privacy is that it is something that you thought was private and isn’t, and that your Facebook profile is clear for others to see. This sparked ideas for transparency and concealment. We decided that a clear box with an actual pad lock would show the messed up theory that Facebook has. Whats the point of putting a lock around a clear box when people can see whats inside anyway. Facebook’s privacy settings seems to be that you can see the information but you can not interact with it. This is exactly what that represents.

A lot of people walked passed the box but didn’t actually look this may have been due to it not being at eye level or it just wasn’t that interesting enough to look at, or perhaps they never saw it due to it being clear. However one woman looked at it briefly.

Interim Crit.

During our crit we had to talk about what article we chose and what we had done so far, does our work link and what is our next step.

Basic notes from the crit;

  •  Irritating people is the best form to grab peoples attention.
  •  Refrain from making posters, no one notices them.
  •  Use ‘Call to action’, get people involved with the piece
  •  If you try to reach a really big audience e.g everyone. Then you will never be happy with the response.

Responses to our project;

  • Take Facebook into reality – Photo albums, actually create them.
  • Take pieces of Facebook out of context – Status’s huge on walls in the street.
  • Maybe not be so Facebook related – Too obvious and cliche.
  • Think more so about specific information that people post.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 5.

We looked at the idea more of things that should be private but in fact there public. Such as emails, texts, letters, conversations. etc.

We decided that letters connect with doors and that the letter box on a front door is an interesting place for information to come out from.

The envelop is more important than the actual contents. It shows are barrier that shouldn’t be broken, its an intervention within an intervention… By using tracing paper (transparent) to put Facebook info inside to represent that you can see it, if you look. Just like private profiles – you can find information on them if you look for it.

Reflection; This piece was a lot more visually interesting and the piece looked like it had been placed there intentionally rather than just dropped accidentally.  It was created really focusing on the medium which influenced the idea/ or form follows function…

The only negative about this is that you don’t expect to see letters on the outside of the front door… so its a bit wrong in a sense.

Intervention 6. 

We looked more so at what it meant to be private. The envelope is still a key part to private information and what it represents. As whatever is inside is always intended for the person its being sent to. You wouldn’t use an envelope for any other reason that to pass on information that shouldn’t be seen by others.

The idea was to turn what was usually on the inside to the outside.

Reflection;  This seemed to be a good idea at the time but in fact I think we preferred it when the information was separate rather than a complete piece. The “private” part and the lock really worked and they are a key icon for this project. Once again the issue with the envelop being outside rather than on the inside of the front door.

Mediums & Messages. A two week project.

Intervention 3.

This intervention was looking at the ways we could portray your information goes from you to the “internet street” but on the actual street.

The idea of information seeping out was a key visual part to the intervention.  We used a blue piece of paper with the white pen to try and keep to the colour schemes of Facebook. We included obvious things that you can still see on Facebook even when it is private.

After this intervention we felt that the piece did work to an extend but needed the information to be more uncontrolled and flow more than be a static piece, also that there needed to be more information so that the piece was bigger.

Intervention 4.

 Following the reflection on intervention 3, we made sure that the information we wanted to put out into the public was able to flow and be loose. We included the typical pieces from Facebook again such as profile pictures, friend list etc.

Reflection: We felt that the information needed to look as though it was coming out of the door more than it looking as though it had just been dropped on the floor. Maybe we could of structured the layout of the pieces better. However this piece worked really well, it got the message across that once that information is out in the open anything can happen to it. For example, once the wind got a hold of the paper it flew everywhere and this is exactly what happens with information from the internet, if anyone can view it then they can do with it as they wish.